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For several centuries now, the works woven in the Creuse area have been sold throughout the world: Aubusson is a worldwide reference. A myriad of works were produced: wall hangings, garden tapestries, bed ornaments, furniture trims, carpets, door curtains, mantling, etc.

Aubusson carpets and tapestries are an artistic tradition, perpetuated without interruption for over five centuries – making up the only private production that has been running for so long, GIs serve as proof for consumers of a high level of authenticity in unique manufacturing Processes. GIs also help protect companies against fraud and counterfeit on a national and international level by boosting their legal capacities.

Since Gis’ recognition by INPI (French National Institute for Industrial Property) end of 2018, only the manufactures members of the LAINAMAC ODG and who have been certified by the Certipaq control organisation are authorized to manufacture Aubusson carpets and tapestries.

Four technical processes are covered: Aubusson Tapestry, flat weave carpets, hand-knotted carpets, and hand-tufted carpets.

Six companies trusted LAINAMAC in becoming the next ODG and thus putting in the approval request: Atelier A2, Atelier Cc Brindelaine, Atelier de la Lune, Atelier Françoise Vernaudon, Les Ateliers Pinton and Manufacture Robert Four. The Creuse Grand Sud EPIC (French Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment) is also invested in this project.

Fabrication française

Aubusson Tapestry

Luxury product, high-end artistic profession and local tradition, Aubusson tapestry rests on expert weaving techniques carried out by a weaver working manually on a basse-lisse loom positioned horizontally. Its historical roots date back to the 15th century and pursues to exist in this historical textile branch localized in the Creuse area. Indeed, it is one of the last productive ecosystems in Europe boasting a comprehensive line of wool-based work : wool production, spinning, dying, interior decoration and textile restoration or curating.

Aubusson Tapestry was registered within the representative “Intangible cultural heritage of humanity” list by UNESCO in 2009.

La famille dans la joyeuse verdure
Tapisserie de basse-lisse. D'après Leo Chiachio et Daniel Giannone. Tissage Atelier A2.
Collection Cité internationale de la tapisserie, Aubusson. Photo Nicolas Roger
Manteau japonisant
Tapisserie de basse-lisse. D'après Capucine Bonneterre. Tissage Atelier A2.
Collection Cité internationale de la tapisserie, Aubusson. Photo Capucine Bonneterre.
Panoramique polyphonique
Tapisserie de basse-lisse. D'après Cécile Le Talec. Tissage Atelier A2.
Collection Cité internationale de la tapisserie. Photo Éric Roger.
Tapisserie de basse-lisse. D'après France-Odile Perrin-Crinière.
Tissage Atelier A2. Copyright Atelier A2
Mutualité Française
Granit-tapisserie de basse-lisse. D'après Gérard et Jean-Michel Crinière.
Tissage Atelier A2. Copyright Atelier A2
Malachite Vert
Qualité Tuft/Point Piqué Main. Design : Joséphine Pinton.
Fabrication : Ateliers Pinton. Photo Jean Pacôme Dedieu.
Formes colorées
Qualité Tuft/Point Piqué Main. Design : Robert Four.
Fabrication : Manufacture Four. Photo © Yann Deret
Qualité Tuft/Point Piqué Main. Design : Ulrika Liljedahl.
Fabrication : Ateliers Pinton. Photo © Jean Pacôme Dedieu.
Tapis ras. D'après Bina Baitel. Tissage Atelier Françoise Vernaudon.
Meubles La Fabrique, Ateliers Jouffre.
Collection Cité internationale de la tapisserie. Photo Éric Roger.
Vert Pinton
Qualité Tuft/Point Piqué Main. Alpaga. Design : Ateliers Pinton.
Fabrication : Ateliers Pinton. Photo © Jean Pacôme Dedieu.

Aubusson carpet

Aubusson Carpet, in link with Aubusson tapestry for 4 centuries, covers three technical processes : flat weave carpets hand-woven using a basse-lisse loom, hand-knotted carpets hand woven using a haute-lisse loom and hand-tufted carpets mounted on canvases.

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Press release The french INPI homologates two new geographical indications: "Aubusson carpet" and "Aubusson tapestry"

    Press kit The approval of the geographical indications Aubusson carpets and Aubusson tapestry

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